pdf moors

R e s p l e n d e n t 

So golden, so very golden,
I wish I could share
the warm fire from heather
as the Sun shines;

Spreading light from both below and above.

Sky, heather and fields
all take part
In this resplendent show,
this otherworldly praise,

Praise to life in all.

Reflections from the sun?
or are we also deep down
suns that can shine and glow?
Can we spread light,

Can we each be someone’s sun
lift sorrow, spread hope?
How grand that would be.

© miriam ivarson

pdf troll dancing

46 thoughts on “Resplendent

  1. Beautifully written. Maybe we need to be the sun for another and at the same time we need a source for ourselves. Life seems to evolve when both are being satisfied. So the sun shines brighter for me through your smile and also from the sound of “Pops”from my grandson And how do we make love stay? By being the very heart and soul of the word to all we meet on this tangled road.

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    • That is one beautiful comment, Jeff, and I am truly grateful.
      I do believe, and so do you by the sound of it, that we are able to give out light. We also do need to be open to light and so all can be conduits. 😊.
      By your happy answer I surmise you are with a grand child ….who shines his light into your heart.


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      • Yes they both do in different ways but Deacon pulls at my heart and gives it back more than l can explain. I’ve got lots to tell. I’ve driven through ice and snow and heavy rain to get there. What an adventure. Jc

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  2. Janice, thank you for your lovely comment. Indeed, we are all Stardust.
    I like the word and it seems to have a rightness about it.
    I am consciously trying this every day and it has affected my life and those I meet. Magic. 🤗.


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    • Thank you so much, Balroop, for your beautiful comment. Yes, you are right, the messsage was both one of what I saw and deeply what we can do ourselves to make the world glow brighter.
      I am glad you felt this my friend. 💕



  3. Thank you, Jacqui, for your positive comment. I had several interpretIons of that picture and isn’t that what all art is about. Be it written or otherwise.
    It was inspired up North in Sweden in the big forests. A glade opened up and two old tree stumps stood there. Two me they look like a couple of trolls dancing. 😊.
    The forests have many trolls that help people out. You don’t believe me??🤗.


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  4. This is a nice sentiment Miriam. I think we can each be everyone’s everything, every now and then. Sometimes we can be sun, but remember we need the moon, too, so sometimes we can be that as well.

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  5. Another wise and love-filled blog post which then inspired a cascade of (also lovely) comments! I have long savored Joni Mitchell’s song “Woodstock” which reminds us that “we are stardust, we are golden…and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden” — which I have interpreted as being a reference to the Garden of Eden and/or a time when we human beings were more in balance with the entire web of life here on planet earth. Thank you for this reminder that each day we can spread light and be someone’s sun — lifting sorrow and spreading hope!

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  6. Thank you Will, it is a delight that you felt so in tune with the message in this
    poem. I haven’t heard of the song you mention but will look it up.
    I do love the thought of us being Stardust and part of the whole. May we all one day appreciate how important it is to shine our love along with the stars.



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