I talked to the Grasshopper this morning,
asked him why do you walk and not hop?
I have been watching quite bewildered.
Grasshoppers always hop.

The Grasshopper simply said;
I learnt to walk.
It was fun and I could look around.

How fixated had I been, putting him in a box.
The “hopping box””.

Now, this made me ponder,
why and how often do we do this?
Limit others and ourselves.

With labels and categories
each fitting an appropriate box.

Like the wise Grasshopper we should know
we contain many shades and hues,
many skills and dreams.

Why deny all these for one comfortable tag?
Why not dare dream, paint, write
stay in professions we love

Yet, not let the title be you
We are all so much more.

© miriam ivarson





56 thoughts on “WE ARE MORE

  1. Love this, Miriam! 😀 A poem packed with wisdom and delivering it with a gentle loving punch! I’m smiling at the grasshopper refusing to be restricted by expectations … may we all walk out of our own ‘hopping box’! Wishing you a blessed weekend, Miriam, filled with peace and joy! Hugs ❤️🌺

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    • Thank you dear Annika for your beautiful comment. Wisdom and loving punch is a wonderful combination you give me.
      You are so right, we are too often restricted by expections from ourselves and others. It takes courage to get out of the ” hopping box “, I quite admire the Grasshopper. 😊❤️ .


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    • Well Balroop, I cannot rightly say why the Grasshopper started this poem,
      I wasn’t even going to write. Did you know though that they have been living on this planet for approx. 250 million years. Makes us mere babies.

      So, he became a conduit for my thoughts on how much many of us limit ourselves and others.
      Thank you for your reflections on the subject.


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  2. Thank you for your wonderful response. With the Italian Belissimo added, how can you not make me smile. I really am glad you liked the poem, you will know yourself the pleasure of such responses.

    I am having a great weekend, thank you. Hope the same for you. 😊🦋 .


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  3. Excellent message, Miriam. Walk, hop, run, crawl, sit, stand, left, right, and in the middle. All are possible in the same day and in the same person. Or grasshopper. We all have the freedom to move and meet each other along the way.

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  4. Half the fun of being alive is in variety, Miriam. I for one, don’t want to be labeled, and take a certain amount of pleasure in surprising people, and in being surprised. A wise grasshopper ( and poet) indeed. –Curt

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  5. Nature doesn’t like boxes. Boxes were invented by humans, and as such, we can choose to be bound by them, or step outside and be free. You go, Miriam!!

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    • So true about nature who dares be who and what they are, even if some are trimmed into ” box hedges “.
      May we dare follow our dreams to fulfill what we can do and be. I rather see a mountain track than a highway.


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  6. I believe that it’s more comfortable for some people to see you in a certain box, or to feel that either you have labeled yourself, or allow them to smear you with a label. That way you can be categorized. Blimey!

    Personally, I’m not huge on confined spaces, and the only 🏷 (s) I’m comfortable with are my 1st, middle, and last name. These identify me just fine. ☺️ Give me the freedom to grow and glow in the wide open spaces of life. Thank you very much!

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  7. Blimey indeed, Jen and thanks for your deeply felt comment.

    I am with you about seriously disliking confined spaces and my name will do for me too. That doesn’t mean that some achievement don’t make me happy,
    they do, but I and all of us are so much more. I do love your two last sentences particularly.🤗 .



  8. So much wisdom in this poem, packed in a few words, but not restricted by those words. And to think that it was inspired by this little grasshopper.
    We need to remember that our impressions of people should also not be limited by what we see or hear in just a few moments of hello-how-are- you, but consider that each of us has an entire history and a burgeoning future.

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  9. Sharon, thank you for this deep and heartfelt comment. I am so happy to read your thoughts and for the understanding you have given.
    All thanks to a little grasshopper; who knew they would be that talkative.


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