Light Through The Crack

Butterflies on Aster

Light through Crack                                         

So paint the butterfly you love
You will be painting me,
I am the light in the cracks;
your awareness
Your consciousness,

the butterfly, the flower, the tree
the smile on a face.
You see them with more clarity
They fill the soul,

Don’t despair,
thinking your voice too small              
without reach.
Remember the ripple effect,
on lake and sea.

This is how the message will spread;

The message of power of love,
compassion and peace.
Hate is powerful but will self destruct           
It can’t create.

Rivers of anguish and blood
flow through your lands.
help where we can, remember;

Evil and hate will self destruct.

© miriam ivarson


48 thoughts on “Light Through The Crack

  1. Beautifully put, Miriam. I love the idea that the little ripples, the beating of a butterfly’s wing, can created movements that will change the world. Your final line “Evil and hate will self-destruct” gives us all hope in the dark times.

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  2. Thank you for your lovely response Peter. I truly believe that all good and loving thoughts and deeds will cause a ripple effect – a wave of strength.
    Yes, there is hope for the world if we give it to ourselves and our planet.
    Happy Easter

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  3. Ah Miriam, a gentle. subtle piece that lulls the senses to peace and light but finishes with a powerful denouement part warning, part admonishment but ultimately leaves us hope. A great start to the day.

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    • Nigel, thank you for your sensitive comment. I do feel we have peace and
      hence the painting of all the beauty. As a shadow we also have dark and you are right. Denouement and admonishment , maybe I should tone down.Nigel.
      😊 Happy Easter

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  4. Thank you Roland for your beautiful comment. Yes, the problem is age old and I can’t see how we can beat hate with hate so felt that spreading love
    and the message of would be stronger.
    Wishing you a Happy Easter

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  5. The depth of the opening lines made me read again and again, Miriam and I couldn’t move beyond ‘awareness’ and ‘consciousness.’ These two words encompass the whole world…all the emotions that create love and indifference, the smile and the soul…and all that is self-created! As no one is born with evil…thoughts are the gift of man to man. A child only has smiles and craves for love. How he grows up to create the ripples is all about ‘paint the butterfly.’
    Wonderful thoughts dear friend that touched my heart and soul. Wishing you a lovely weekend.

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    • Balroop, thank you for your wonderful comments. I am deeply touched by hearing that the words moved you so. What a joy for any of us scribblers.
      ” awareness and consciousness ” do encompass the whole world you say and it sounds good. I felt warm when those stanzas flowed in.

      As we move along with each other in this community ( village ) we learn more and more from each other and reflect in new ways.
      Bless and I wish you a wonderful weekend.

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  6. Thank you so much. Leonard Cohen? I am so fond of his songs and please, if there is one that fits here I would love to learn. I got to know his work quite
    late and am therefore far from up to scratch.
    I treasure both smiles.:)


    • Thank you again. I went in on utube to search around and found Leonard Cohens Anthem where he sings ” there is a crack in everything,..”.
      It is absolutely wonderful and I am in disbelief that I would write something so similar, well the start anyway. I had never heard this before.
      Thank you for pointing me to this treasure of a song. I am in tears listening to his voice singing this. Every world rings so true.

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      • The framed quote “There’s a crack in everything and that’s how the light gets in” hung in my psychotherapy office for decades. It was a gift from a client and I treasure it.
        When I read your poem I thought Cohen’s song was an inspiration.and I, too, am amazed that you unknowingly embraced the same thought. Wisdom comes from recognizing truth which is the foundation of all wonderful poetry.

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  7. Miriam,
    Just yesterday I was talking with my neighbor and we both noticed the abundance of butterflies in the neighborhood. And we discovered the origins… a butterfly garden just 2 houses away. I like to think that it was magic that brought them over, just a whisper in my ear and another and everyone thinks they had the idea first, But no the universe is whispering and we see color, life and love., all the one who is many. Happy Easter…

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    • I am glad JC that you saw butterflies in your garden. In summer I have many myself as I have three Huge Butterfly bushes. I love them.
      Did you run in and wrote about them after their visit?

      My top picture is from the garden in England. I don’t tire of them…ever.
      Wishing you a happy Easter


    • Thank you Jacquie for your lovely comment. I am glad you liked the poem and felt it right for Easter….must say I never thought of that.😊.
      You are right about the towering cloud, especially as I took this at last summer’s visit to the island where I was born. It passed and left its tears.


  8. Thanks for the reminder of what really matters. What really LASTS. The little things, the ordinary acts of beauty and love (the light in the cracks) will overwhelm the dark and the mean. xoxox BEAUTIFUL poem.

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    • Thank you for your delightful response Pam. You are so right, the ordinary acts of beauty and love are what will win out and break down barriers.
      So we continue in our true belief and quest. 💕

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  9. Miriam, your poetry is the light through the crack … bringing hope to us all, sharing the beauty of the world and making us aware of the power of our consciousness. With clarity you recognise the evil and hatred in the world and that it has no future as it will self-destruct. Wonderful poem and photographs… both thought-provoking and calming.

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  10. Annika, I am speechless on receiving such a beautiful response like yours.
    I will not let it go to my head 😊, promise. Will remain humble and try and spread more light and hope for guidance.
    Yes, evil and hatred trouble me and I believe majority of us but I feel we have to look at all the positive things we see and meet every day.
    🦋💕 miriam

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  11. Another beautiful poem, Miriam! So true, the light of love and hope spreads farther, I think, than the dark of evil and hatred. May the light drive away the dark, or better yet, may love and hope overcome hate. We hear so much about the negative; I think if we share more of the positive, we’ll spread it farther. Thank you for sharing!

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  12. Thank you Julie for this wonderful and warm response. Yes, light will win over dark, love over hate. The news might live on the dramas of the negative, sad and evil events. All kindnesses extended each day do not make the news.
    Still, they spread. 🤗


  13. Thank you so much Diana, yes, I firmly believe that power of love, kindness, generosity …any word that suits; will win over hate and evil.
    As you say, it will turn on itself whilst the positive has healthy grow ground.

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  14. Thank you Sarah for your beautiful and encouraging comment.
    The saying goes that you tell best what you yourself need to learn.
    So every day I remind myself of awareness and consciousness.


  15. A warm thank you for your lovely comment. It is nice to see you visit.
    This poem came as a response after me for long ever now and then pondered what it is that makes me write.
    A muse….a whispering voice…..None felt quite enough. So I was very happy when this poem answered me. 😊.


  16. Thanks Debbie for this wonderful response.
    I am so glad that you are with me on these lines, they kept buzzing in my head when I got low after seeing news.
    xox miriam


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