43 thoughts on “Catching

  1. Miriam, your haiku is a beautiful start to my day … light and ethereal and I love the image you plan of reaching and catching those dancing words! 😀 I’m sure I see a few spinning around me … must fetch my butterfly net and reel them in! ❤️

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    • Annika, thank you. I am so glad you felt so, we all need light among the dark.
      Do you doubt my ability to reach that high 😊, well, a bit of letting the mind
      fly free for a bit…. might work. You go and get that butterflynet and catch more light and beautiful thoughts. 🌈💕


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    • Thank you, Brad, for your beautiful comment. It makes me glad if I have inspired you and made you feel lighter of spirit. My muse has also felt very quiet for a while and then yesterday, this just appeared as I opened the blinds and saw the morning sky.
      Hope your energy and joy comes back very soon. Look after yourself.
      Thank you for your wish, I do my best to stay out of trouble at the moment.😊


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