To celebrate, to love and give,
all natural impulses for those we love,
for anyone that made your heart smile
who held your hand when times were hard;

And danced with you in sun and rain.

Gifts wrapped in beautiful paper and bows
are a treasure to cherish,
The contents can make you squeal with joy
and hug the person who knew you so.

On my birthday the other day I found,
often the best gifts don’t come wrapped.
A surprise morning breakfast prepared by a friend
with all your favourite things.

Candle lit and with Buck’s Fizz as starter.

Door bell ringing, delivery of so many flowers
I got hidden behind, laughing at the beauty,
Laughing at the balloon, like a little girl.

A message to get ready for a car arriving at noon,
Bringing us all to the sea and a little town,
for awesome walk in the sun
Among barge boats, beach and birds.

I just smiled.

Oh, a lunch on the quay side was included too;
Driving home my eyes shone with tears of joy.

©miriam ivarson


51 thoughts on “GIFTS YOU CAN’T WRAP

  1. Thank you, Brad, for your sensitive comment and for birthday wishes.😊
    You really caught what I feel is so important, that we take time to see and listen. To know each other. What better gift is there.



  2. Miriam, a day of sheer joy described with such love and beauty! 😀 The most precious of gifts are those that can’t be wrapped, giving of oneself, one’s time and imagination. What a magical birthday and I’m smiling at your special start of the day and then the abundance of flowers! The trip to the coast sounds heavenly and hopefully, it wasn’t too cold. A very happy albeit belated birthday, my dear friend! 😀❤️🎉

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  3. Thank you for your beautiful comment Annika. I am so glad you felt the essence of the day.
    You say : ” giving of oneself, one’s time and imagination”, I feel that here
    lies the magic of all gifts. Thank you for your warm wishes and the trip to the coast wasn’t too cold. All was magic. 💝.


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  4. I think you have captured it beautifully Miriam. Often the best gifts are not objects but more the giving of time, thought and companionship and being in the company of friends. Something that money can’t buy.
    Mind you the bucks fizz doesn’t go amiss

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    • Mike, a warm thank you for this wise and beautiful comment. You have listed the best gifts so eloquently. I was the recipient of a day of such gifts and some that money had bought.😊.
      Buck’s Fizz , for those who don’t know, is a mix of orange juice and champagne.



  5. That is a beautiful post. Happy belated birthday! Experiences with loved ones are worth so much more than any store bought gift could ever be. My two best birthdays where both experiences with loved ones. One looking at wild horses, and one a hiking trip to a place I love. Have a wonderful day!

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  6. Thank you for your beautiful comment, Maria. Also for your good wishes.
    It is great that you share your two special birthdays, both of them sound
    fantastic to me. This is exactly the kind of gifts I have in mind.

    Mind you, my flowers are still shining and together with the balloon floating about, I can feel how important caring friends are.



    • Your response delights me. If I have made you see birthdays as a celebration
      of the day we came to this planet we can celebrate in gratitude and joy.
      Even tough days I feel grateful to have life.

      Have a really happy birthday!!


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