As I sit here this morning
my bedroom flooded with Star light,
Yes, the glorious sun,
It silences many of my reflections.

Like, what does my soul look like and where
does it live?
Why does my heart quiver so often
seeing remarkable beauty or dark?

Yet, as I sit here in the golden light
I do no longer feel the need to know.
It is enough, more than enough
To just be.

To touch, see, feel with loving
the miracles surrounding me.

Suddenly I see, my soul is me,
the rest is chemistry, physics, biology
and marvellous they are;

As they let my soul traverse
The wonder of Earth and Stars.

© miriam ivarson

43 thoughts on “INTROSPECTION

    • Thank you so much Balroop. Introspection and reflection can indeed bring
      answers that were hidden. At times we just need to be though and possibly the answers will effortlessly float in. 🌻 .


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  1. Wow! Miriam, this is amazing. A beautiful and ethereal poem that touches the core of our existence, all in a Morning golden sunlight! Miriam, this touches me deeply and I’m tear-eyed! You have a gift of poetry which you are honing to perfection. It’s been a joy and honour to follow your journey of the craft these years as yet again you move onto another level of writing! Can’t wait to see where it takes you (and us & our souls) next! 😀❤️

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  2. Dear Annika, I am deeply touched by your comment / review of this poem.
    The truth – to me – revealed itself suddenly in the stillness that morning.
    It is me who is honoured by your shining words about the poetry. You probably know I try very hard to say a simple ‘ Thank You ‘ , as I blush. 🤗 .

    As where it takes me or anyone’s creating take us will not be revealed until it happens. Bless you.

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  3. Miriam, this reminds me of what Herman Hess called Presence. To me its sort of like being here for everything and taking it furthur by embracing it.. jc

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