Find your dream or a grey veil will forever blind you from seeing the glory of life. Life in its multifaceted splendour of which we are part. Like the atoms of our body, of the universe. We long for warmth, for love. Someone to share our dreams, failures and successes with. Our highs and lows.

Nobody can find all answers but the truth is, most of us have a choice. It takes courage, passion and will to leave the comfort zone – to find and realize our dreams.

So please, don’t throw this precious gift away. On a life just “good enough” – on drabness. A life lived in the colour grey.


I am fighting it hard,
the colour grey
at times almost black.

Around me nature erupts
in hues to silence any man,
yet, when I close my eyes;
The shadow of grey 
returns with stealth.

I pointed to the riches,
talked about living now;
not then or hence.

It doesn’t work, I am told
in reality
Working every day, feeling drab,

What do you want I ask
to do with your day,
your life;

I don’t know, he said;
This is when 
the veil of grey descends.

May we all listen
hear our dreams and truths,
Find joy in what we do;

Anything else is existence
Not Life.

© miriam ivarson


19 thoughts on “THE VEIL OF GREY

  1. What a sad poem, and yet with the possibility of happiness. It speaks to me of a relationship that has gone stale, of a man who cannot see the glories that surround us. I hope the lady has the courage to break free, and find her joy again. Perhaps, having to fend for himself, the man might also begin to grow again; to find the colour and the joy in life

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    • The beauty of art lies in the eye of the beholder it is said. So it might be with poems and writing too. My aim was the relationship between us human beings and nature…..and finding our dreams.
      Thanks for comment.


    • Thank you Diana for your beautiful comment. Yes, it takes courage to
      break away from the comfort and long standing routines and it might not at all be right for everyone. However, quite a number of people live in a depressive and grey area because of fear and lose their life in the process.

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  2. Miriam, your posts are proving to be a beautiful and varied mixture, always thought-provoking and touching. This one is no exception and even in your introduction there is poetry and wisdom in your language. Your first paragraph is full of truth and the post a plea for us to live to the full this life of ‘multifaceted splendour.’

    Your poem speaks directly to my heart and spiritually so deep. The grey of just existing takes on a dark presence and it is something so easy to slip into but so hard to break away and follow our dreams. This is a wonderful reminder to us all about life and living. BTW I love the play of colour and monochrome of the same photo which accompany your post – well done! 😀❤️

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    • Thank you Annika for your wonderful compliment, quite tearing up here.😊 .
      You felt it, I am so glad. To live life in multifaceted splendour.
      I am so glad the poem spoke to your heart, to give it courage when life might seem dark and dreams too distant a goal. It isn’t though, just another little demon to overcome.
      Thanks for liking the photos. I took the one with the butterfly and played around with it on the computer.
      Which world would we like to live in?🌻

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  3. I Iike this poem as I believe the color gray gets too much of a bad rap. It is the middle color between black and white, it’s the time when we do our real work on ourselves. The sadness and longing give way to wisdom. Yes, one can stay stuck in this color or any color. Gray is the battlefield where we transcend and embrace the white. Beautifully written!

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  4. Thank you JC for your generous compliment. I guess you got a point about the grey, we would be wont to just enjoy life if we lived in the light and sun all the time and that seems good to me.:) That said, before reaching this light there will have been valleys in dark shades. Doubts and difficulties to overcome. See you in the sunlit garden.😊


  5. I like how you use a color photo at the beginning and then a grey one at the end.

    To me the greyness in your poem symbolizes lack of emotion and perhaps a loss of hope. Like entropy the death of hope is the death of life and all its colors.


  6. Thank you for your interesting reply and for understanding the use of photo colours.
    Your second paragraph is so true, the death of hope is the death of life and all colours. How true and I feel that is the sadness that comes through in my poem.


  7. A thought provoking poem Miriam. I believe we can all be prone to the grey aspects of life, but fortunately for many of us it only occurs occassionally and we are able to return to the world of colour and hope. The other option doesn’t bear thinking about.


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  8. Thank you Mike and yes, I agree, we are all bound to experience times of grey. That is o.k. As long as we work on whatever causes the low and come out triumphant. Keep the dream polished and alive.


  9. Thank you Andrea for your lovely comment.
    There can be times in life when it seems easiest to just lie down……
    Instead of struggling through. But just think of the brilliance we would
    miss. 🌈🦋


  10. I fully relate to this Miriam. I will always remember a time in my late twenties or early thirties when a “is this it?” feeling came over me…and I listened to it…got into music again.

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