Laughter and stillness,
a powerful blend
creating song in harmony,

expanding our deeper Self
Pure cymbals in hallowed room.

May we guard these gifts
keep them bright and true,
Free from discord and pretense;

Laughter ascends from the soul
stillness the pure mountain pool,
Where bubbles can rise

Transparent and true.

© miriam ivarson


Eternal Flow


Eternal Flow

Like a mountain stream leaps and bounds
growing as it merrily skips,
picking up stones and twigs;
Emerging as a lively course;

Carving its way through rock and moraine
through farmland , past towns;
In time as a mighty river emerges,
for fish and man to enjoy,

Ending in quiet surrender to the Sea
so unfathomable and infinite.

So it is with a newborn child,
helpless but filled with life,
laugher and tears win our hearts;
Tender care guides the growth,

To skip away with friends
each day a lively dance;
picking up knowledge and tools;
understanding creativity.

Maturing in power and strength,
yet falling, stumbling and race,
whilst finding inner stability;
Purpose and wisdom to live.

With time reaching 
the mightiest Sea of all.

© miriam ivarson