When I was awake this night
at one, two or so
The room was lit like day,
It shouldn’t be, at
One, two or three or so.

Hesitant I walked to another room
opened the curtains and saw;
A blindingly shining moon.
Haven’t seen it like that before.

Its light gave me a feeling that
my house and street were singled out
By the Spotlight from above;
Never seen the moon so strong.

Did it twist just a tad
as to reflect more light from the sun.

Was the spotlight there so we can see,
See where we are heading on our planet.
Make us step with awareness and care.

c/ miriam ivarson

23 thoughts on “S P O T L I G H T

  1. Miriam, a beautiful poem about the majestic and glorious moon! I’m smiling as you potter around searching out the source of this great light only to discover its true origins! As always you have a gift of moving swiftly and with lyrical ease from the personal experience to the universal – wonderful, my friend! Xx ❤️

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  2. “Was the spotlight there so we can see,
    See where we are heading on our planet.”

    While your thought had a deeper meaning, Miriam, I couldn’t help but think of the times I have been high up in the mountains with a full moon so bright I could go for a walk without a flashlight. It’s special. I’m pretty sure that the woodland creatures have wondered what I was doing out wandering about when I should be sleeping in my tent or huddled close to a campfire.

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    • Thank you for your wonderful comment, Curt. Although I ended with a deeper thought , it was first the fantastic light that had me in thrall. I thought of having it at see, in the forest or just sit dreaming on a hill. Your experience sounds wonderful.



    • Hi Brigitte, thank you for visiting and commented. Yes , I have seen a harvest moon and it is awesome. The photo above was taken early February. It is lovely hearing you again. 🤗



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