I close my eyes and see the ocean,
It lifts my spirit high;
Faithful and true, ever strong
it moves and stills, storms and comforts

The ocean was there when Earth began
and never let her down.
Its rhythm and song was Always.

A lullaby and a symphony in one.

As I drift inland, forests appear
Trees of all kind, being their faithful selves.
Raising branches and leaves
to the life giving rain and sun.

Ocean and forest, life affirming forces.
Will mankind ever understand,
the strength and love needed
to give like them.

To create life here that is harmonious
A life that gives in joy, that does not destroy.
A life that wants harmony for all,

A life that leaves creative foot steps,
Footsteps that softly raise minds high.

Β© miriam ivarson

photos by miriam ivarson

39 thoughts on “FOOTSTEPS

  1. A beautiful poem Miriam. I agree with the warm words of this poem on the value of caring for nature. Nature and trees are so valuable to our own well being. Your poem is a living testimony to that care. Great writing. Blessings. 🌳

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    • Thank you, Balroop, for your beautiful comment. Yes, we can stand together
      and create this. We just have to make it our true selves. To be faithful to who we really are and to all around us.


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  2. Miriam, my soul is soaring above the oceans and forests which you describe so vividly; their power of nature life-affirming. I love how you capture nature’s eternal force of harmony. As always your ‘switch’ is so subtle and nifty – I admire your poetic skill; may we indeed learn from nature’s footsteps as we step out in life, both physically and also spiritually! xx πŸ˜€β€οΈ

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  3. Thank you for this profound vision. That mankind will come to understand. “To create life here that is harmonious/A life that gives in joy, that does not destroy./ A life that wants harmony for all…. ” I’m hoping with you, Miriam.

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  4. Reading this while travelling to our land bound cabin. The ocean seems so inaccessible except in the rhythm of my breath. Thank you B

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