There is something beyond the mountains
Beyond the sun, beyond the stars,
beyond my burning, longing heart;

A yearning for Cosmos to fill the soul
with its song so pure and serene.

Sounds from oceans, lakes and forests
fill us with joy and peace,
how can there be more beyond?
I just know there is.

Looking at the complexity, the beauty of a rose
residing on the table as I write,
Does it also long for more or does it know;
The wonder of the Whole.

May I never be blind to the universe
held in a flower, a tree 
nor to the glory of a human heart.

I feel the greatness of the Whole 
is beyond the understanding of our minds.
Still, it is there, giving its gifts each day.

© miriam ivarson


47 thoughts on “HERE AND BEYOND

  1. Age-old questions, Miriam, contemplated with sensitivity and a considered vision in these cogent verses. The “Wonder of the Whole”, holding its meaning in the flower, the tree, a single rose – expresses your, our, feelings better than any sermon or religious tract. Wonderful.

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  2. Roland, your comment is beautiful and sensitive and gives me great joy.
    Thank you. You are right about this being age-old questions and most of us
    have lingered there often and felt as if the answer could be simple … or complex.


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  3. I love this poem, Miriam. I also wonder about being an infinitesimal part of a greater wholeness that I often don’t respect. And yet it remains stalwart in its giving even as I remain a fool.

    The photos of the roses and the cosmos beautifully compliment the sentiment – from the small to the enormous.

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    • Thank you Sharon, you take the thinking even further in your very thoughtful
      and lovely comment. I smile at the last line in your first paragraph. Fool you certainly are not but you point out how we often don’t recognise our precious gifts.
      The photos were of course meant to show exactly what you say.



  4. A beautiful reflection, Miriam! I share your sentiment when you say, “I feel the greatness of the Whole / is beyond the understanding of our minds.” Somewhere along our evolution as a species, we lost our connection with the wholeness of creation.

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  5. If ever scripture can be poetic, this is surely it. You encapsulate the entire universe and our place in it, using just a few words. Thank you.

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    • Curt, little did I know that you were so poetic but I imagine that spending
      so much time in the grandest of places put you in tune. Quote you : ” the tiniest elements that make up our mind and body dance in unison with the universe. ”
      How poetic is that! Thank you



      • 🙂 Einstein described the dancing entanglement of quantum sized particles at a distance (across the universe, for example) as spooky. Poetic works as well! (grin) –Curt


  6. Thank you Balroop for your lovely comment. Yes, we are indeed seeking more and more understanding and knowledge. Yet, we are almost mere infants in the face of all that is.
    The deep feeling that we all belong is to me the most important to understand now.



  7. This poem makes me tingle! It’s like we’re standing on the edge of so many possibilities that we can almost glimpse, and those wonderful miracles around us here and now. May we always see the universe
    held in a flower, a tree and the glory of a human heart. Beautiful message, Miriam!

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  8. Wow! Miriam, a deeply ethereal and spiritual poem that draws me in from the very start! You capture the notion of ‘beyond’ with startling poetic ease … whilst aware of its existence, enthralled by the concept and knowledge your eyes lift from the

    ‘A yearning for Cosmos to fill the soul
    with its song so pure and serene.’

    To realise that the answer is partly already on this earth as you behold the flowers, tress. Although out of our grasp the Cosmos is always with us! Thank you for this wondrous reminder … a poem that will stay with me! Hugs xx

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  9. Annika, thank you for this amazing comment and above all I feel grateful
    that there are words that will stay with you and comfort at times, I hope.
    I am so glad too that you see the Cosmos in the beauty on Earth as well
    as in the vast Cosmos above. ( or around ).

    Writing is a wonder which you already know. One minute you might do a practical task, next, words are pouring from within. Takes some getting used to, like a totally unexpected gift.



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