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I brought a bottle of Champagne
to celebrate;
Today is beginning of the beginning
or beginning of the end.

Whichever, we were all there,
Life is good,
let us share what we have.
Sing joyfully today, 
it is;

Beginning of the end
Beginning of the beginning.

Whether you feast on turkey,
fish, vegan, is immaterial,
Even pumpkin pie is a beside;
Today is precious, it holds you now;

Let our words be born from love,
bickering banished along with snide remarks.
Smiles and laughs reigning supreme;

An autumn leaf just danced to the ground,
A baby bird was born.

© miriam ivarson

heart-1776746__340 Leaf


39 thoughts on “BEGINNING

  1. Wow! Miriam, you’d be a welcome guest anytime; not only bringing champagne but your smiles and philosophy as well! ❤️ A wonderful uplifting poem of togetherness, the joy of sharing, in all moments of life including the
    ‘Beginning of the end
    Beginning of the beginning.’

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    • Ahh … Annika, thank you for this happy and warm comment. I am glad it is
      not just the Champagne that made me welcome.
      Your comment is as always deep and understanding. I wasn’t meant to send any post now but this just ‘knocked’ on the door. 😊 .
      Philosophy, yes, you are right. I do tend to drift that way given half the chance. I wish you a wonderful weekend. ❤️ .


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      • Miriam, I do like the ideas of poetry and posts ‘knocking’ at your door – amazing and true creativity. Just keep sharing them with us here! Wishing you a wonderful weekend too! ❤️

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  2. Beautiful, Miriam. It touched my heart ❤

    So perfect the way in which you linked the verses, "Beginning of the end / Beginning of the beginning," with the ending lines, "An autumn leaf just danced to the ground, / A baby bird was born."

    As in the falling leaves of Nature's cycle of birth and re-birth, every new beginning entails letting go of those aspects of ourselves that no longer serve our spiritual growth and communal connections.

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    • Thank you Rosaliene, how wonderful a comment and I am glad to have touched your heart. Isn’t that what any writer wants? 💝 .

      Your second paragraph does so perfectly catch the deeper meaning of this poem, these lines were meant to be connected. The main theme.
      As well as gratitude.


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  3. Thank you Bette for your kind encouragement, pure sunshine to the soul.
    Maybe most days are blessed even when we don’t understand it. ❤️ .
    To be a friend is an honour and I so want to be a worthy one 🦋.


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  4. This is such a lovely segue to the holiday season, one that should remind us every day to bring joy and comfort to the world. Leave behind the strife, focus on our common ground, find the beginning in every moment. Just perfect, Miriam.

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  5. Never too late dear Julie and thank you for the lovely comment.
    Thanksgiving can live in our hearts each day even if there isn’t a feast.
    What do you think?
    I am glad you liked the two last lines, they arrived within like a gift.


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  6. Pam, your wonderful answer is as bright as your smile. Thank you for lifting me so today. I am also trying to make myself calmly think this about beginnings and ends. It soothes me somehow.



  7. Thank you Björn and glad to see you here. Welcome.
    I do like your hope that we can turn the tide and why not. Positive energy is strong.
    Darkness and shadows will be there but so will the light.



  8. Thank you Miriam ( from down under 😊) for your wonderful response.
    I see it like you, if anything pours forth it is a gift that day. I am never too sure this good feeling will come again.

    Miriam ( from the north )


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