For Happiness                        

Little things will suffice,
sun shining on the sea,
Night sky lit by moon and stars;
smile from beloved,
touch by caring hand.

Sharing of home-made cake,
music and dreams.
Baby’s first cry;
more precious than gold.
Soaring joy.

Young man creating, a headboard
from thick pallet wood,
sanded, glowing it stands;
showing love
For his bride and home.

Can we ever in words 
The sheerness, the depth;
of spheres’ song.

Deep happiness is such,
It soars and dips
whispers and shouts,

Morning mist across the fields,
Lit by rising sun.

© miriam ivarson



54 thoughts on “FOR HAPPINESS

  1. Thank you so much Sharon, I am glad you walked with me through the verses.
    The two ‘sheer’ photos are from my retreat in Sweden, the birds on feeders outside my breakfast room in England.

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    • Thank you Miriam, I am glad you feel the same and thought you would.
      One could write a book on all the small things that give joy. Just now a
      little bluetit landed on my windowsill.😊🦋 .

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    • They are so sheer spider webs and I am so touched to see them early mornings. They burn up when the sun comes but next morning new ones are made. Patience and knowing why.
      Thank you Michael

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    • Thank you Radhika, I am so glad that so many agree in spite of our
      quite commercialised society.
      We cannot do without “things” but what really brings the most and deepest joy can not often be bought……

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  2. Thank you so much Davy, I am delighted that it rang true with you u.
    Yes, if you don’t like nature I don’t think you can really write poetry. You might of course write other subjects but the love inside you needs to be there.



    • Thank you Jacqui. As to the choice; I feel they can reflect vulnerability ( birds), sheerness ( the web) and mist in the last. In Sweden we call this mist – fairies dancing as it sways back and forth; only to be burnt out by the morning sun.
      I guess these webs catch some special delicacy for the spider.😊 .


  3. Your lovely poem and breathtaking pictures took me through the magnificent moments of joy that are before us…if we care to ‘stand and stare’…often we take them for granted, pining for what is beyond our reach and rushing away to seek. Who thinks about the love and the effort that could have been poured into a home-made cake? Thank you dear Miriam for the reminders in such a poetic way. Sure happiness ‘soars and dips’ but it is most beautiful when it ‘whispers’ through the beauties of nature. 🙂

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    • Dear Balroop, what a wonderful comment. I have a feeling you would have loved to join me in these early morning meanderings whilst saying good morning to the nature.
      Another poem we share…..’ if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare’ …how right you are.
      I am glad you noticed the cake; I always say that the secret ingredient is love.
      Miriam 😊🦋 .

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  4. Wonderfully put, Miriam, and the pictures bring so much joy. I wonder if the spiders and the birds are happy, in their own way? Perhaps they just enjoy being alive, and don’t “think too much”

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    • Thank you Peter, I am glad you felt joy about both words and pictures.
      Why shouldn’t the spider and the bird feel happy. I don’t think science can prove not.
      They go about their day with both joy and purpose and always seem happy with just being. We have a lot to learn…….not to overthink. I do agree with you.


    • Thanks for your warming words. The sheerness of the morning appealed to you and so it does to me. The Goodfinch, yes he is a handsome fella, and at times there will come a crowd of them and take over the feeders.
      King of the jungle but how can you resist.😊 .

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  5. A beautiful poem in celebration of happiness…to be found all around us! As ethereal in parts as the wispy gentle cobwebs with the morning dew. Miriam, I sense your deep joy in life and all its wonders and where many of rush past these moments of happiness, you stop to absorb them … and happily share them with us! 😀❤️


  6. Annika, thank you for your beautiful and deep comment, it warms my heart.
    Yes, I do sincerely believe that happiness can be found in so many little things around us if we but get still in ourselves and look.
    Hunting for happiness is going to cause many disappointments whilst letting it walk in to your heart is effortless. 😊🦋💕 .


    • Julie, a warm thank you for your complimentary and beautiful comment.
      Simplicity of the joyful things in life was what I wanted to show so it is wonderful to hear it worked. Be it in nature or creations by ourselves.
      It is my joy to share these simple thoughts. 🦋💕🦉 .

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  7. Miriam, your lovely poem gives us clues to the ways happiness surrounds us and for those who’ve seen them, the truth is known. Now let’s hope that those who don’t don’t see will look again and see with new eyes.

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    • I am glad you liked my poem Jc and you are sure to think of these small things as you drink your first coffee? And/ or walk out in the warming sun.
      Talk to a beautiful flower………so much surrounds us.
      It is easy for us all to lose sight but hopefully not for long.


  8. Meriam, thank you for the words and pictures as we enter the road to happiness. And let’s hope that those who cannot see are given new eye to embrace happiness with.


  9. Yes, I can imagine you enjoy taking photos or little film clips of them.
    The variety of birds are amazing and they are quite stunning to watch
    after you filled the feeders up.


  10. Nigel, thank you for your beautiful words that carry depth and wisdom.
    It silenced me and made me think of all the times I remind young ones to
    take care of their gifts whatever they happen to be.
    Never thought of whether I do myself.🦋 .


  11. Thank you Sheila for your lovely comment. Yes, you are right, we need to see the beauty that surrounds us wherever we are so may we all keep our hearts and eyes open.


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  13. These are the things that bring me calm, peace and happiness too – watching the birds in the morning, walking by the sea. I feel strengthened and comforted. It’s good to feel a connection too with others who feel likewise. Thank you!

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    • Thank you Maria for lovely and sharing response. It is wonderful to meet
      you and share the joys of nature’s own delight and richness. The birds are again delighting me this morning and soon I will again be walking by the sea
      On a holiday in Sweden.


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