Lit from within

Walking the garden this beautiful morning I felt the urge to share with you what I saw.


It seemed lit from within
Lit by love
and by the sun above,
As it shared its nectar
with bees and butterfly,


Its brightness and fragility
shining with joy and love,
Stream of healing flow.


Bursting with life,
bright as the sun;
telling us to fill
our shadows with light.


Next I chatted with Mr Blackbird,
so proudly showing off
a beak filled with worms;
Dinner for the family.

I told him he was handsome
and clever too;
He nodded his head vigorously,
losing one worm.

Please join me now for a drink,
sitting among them all,
Not even meditating;
Just breathe.


28 thoughts on “Lit from within

  1. Miriam, what a beautiful way to begin your day. It feels like the flowers and birds are old friends as we share in your morning. And as you said all one needs to do is breath. Thank you.

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  2. Thank you so much JC, I am so glad you could join. Coffee, tea and juices were available as you saw. πŸ™‚
    This was a totally unplanned post. I went out taking photos and really did feel I wanted to put it on. Wrote some lines and pasted pics.
    Yes, breathe…πŸ¦‹πŸŽΆ


  3. Thank you Iris for your delightful comment. It gives me joy.
    I just was compelled to take photos this morning and after went straight onto the computer and put them on with words in between.

    Nature does provide so much treasure.

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    • I am so pleased you got the fun in among the communication with nature.
      It is important that we see that. You should hear me and Mr Squirrel.
      I think with all the chats I have in the garden I could make a little book …..
      or be sent to the doctor.πŸ˜ŠπŸ¦‹πŸ

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      • Or you could make a little book while you’re sent to the doctor πŸ˜‰ Believe me, I talk to animals, too, and will probably see you at the same hospital ward. I’ll race you there! πŸ˜€

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  4. Such beautiful thoughts, inspired by nature. We need the natural world around us; after all, we are part of it. Now I’m inspired to do something with my garden; to try and create an oasis of calm and care. First, though, I have to do something about the neighbour’s cat!

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  5. I am glad I inspired you to make an oasis in your garden, it is so good for the soul and a wonderful way to start the day.
    Yes, cats and birds don’t do so well together so solution will have to be found.😊 .


  6. I felt blessed to read your beautiful poem this morning, Miriam – full of light and life its joy is overwhelming and is a beacon for us all!πŸ˜€ Not only do your words capture the beauty of nature, your love for your garden shiningthrough, your gentle humour had me laughing out loud – I can just picture poor Mr Blackbird, bemused, put out at having lost a worm! Your vibrant bright photos are glorious, a joy to behold. Many thanks for sharing your special morning in the garden and I wish many more like this for you.β€οΈπŸ’

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  7. Thank you Annika. Your words are just overwhelming – to use your words.
    I feel awestruck with such a vibrant comment.
    Hmm..yes, poor Mr Blackbird, bet he didn’t tell his wife.:) He just flew back for more as the soil was newly dug. See, I was helping him….what about the poor worms?
    I do love the garden and from your posts I can see you do love yours very much. We are many nature lovers writing away I have noticed. Wonderful.


  8. Oh, thank you! It was my pleasure having you and glad if you relaxed
    well enough to feel better. After all, you have a hard time sorting out


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